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Who Am I?

There's not much to say as of yet, my journey has only just begun. But what is the journey?...

Well, before I started releasing music, I was an audio engineer. But where I'm from, there weren't many bands who played the type of music that I wanted to work with, so I did the next best thing and recorded a few songs entirely by myself, so I could practise mixing (you know, that old chestnut)

After taking the dive and sharing my singing voice to the world, I planned to release some of my own original music. I got sucked in. I loved how lost I could get in the creative process. I released 'Mesolus' to anyone who'd listen to it. It was my personal experiment, to see how far I could push my skills as an engineer and musician.


I couldn't really believe that people I'd never met were digging what I was doing. So here I am and I couldn't be happier making weird and wonderful music. I hope you come along for the ride!

I also offer recording and mixing services as well as 1-on-1 music production lessons. I am a contributor for The Pro Audio FIles, so check out my articles for some free content!






As I'm not a touring musician, you can check out everything I get up to online. I always want to hear from fans new and old, so why not send me a message and we can geek out! :)