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Shadowplay III

"... a marvel that moves seamlessly between styles, concepts and instrumentation... The production is top class" - Darkstereo

Who Am I?

Before I started releasing music, I was an audio engineer. But where I lived, there weren't many bands who played the type of music that I wanted to work with, so I did the next best thing and recorded a few songs entirely by myself. This also meant that I had to sing, too, and for anyone who knows me, that was the last thing I'd want anyone to hear!

I loved the process and I did something I NEVER thought I'd do; share my voice to the world. I released 'Mesolus' to anyone who'd listen to it. It was my personal experiment to see how far I could push my skills as an engineer and musician, but it was also a love letter to some of my favourite artists. MetalStorm described it as 'sentimental and ingenious progressive metal minus the wacky part' and I couldn't quite believe that people I'd never met were enjoying what I had created.

Since then, I've released several other EPs and somehow managed to catch the attention of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, who invited me to sing on Ayreon's 'Transitus' in 2020. If you told me that I'd be appearing on an album alongside the likes of Dee Snider, Joe Satriani, Tommy Karevik and Simone Simons back when I started, I'd have-... well I'd have thought you were playing a very specific joke on me!


So here I am and I couldn't be happier making weird and wonderful music. I hope you come along for the ride! I'm currently releasing music for my debut full-length release 'Shadowplay III'

I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for music production within education. I am currently teaching Music Production at University and I absolutely love it! As well as this, I have also in the past contributed to The Pro Audio Files, so check out my articles for some free content!


Shadowplay III




Shadowplay II Final.png

Shadowplay II


As I'm not a touring musician, you can check out everything I get up to online. I always want to hear from fans new and old, so why not send me a message! :)

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Other Projects & Appearances

Aside from my solo releases, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of side projects and guest appearances.


If you would like to work together, get in touch!

Prisoners of the Island The Ransom



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